These are some notes I have for a game I’m planning on running set in contemporary Las Vegas. Caveat: I’ve never been to Vegas, and my only source on local politics is Wikipedia. So it’s pretty much guaranteed that some of the stuff here will be factually incorrect.

Also, since it’s a World of Darkness game, I’ve pretty much run with the idea that any real-life detail which sounds slightly dodgy is in-game evidence for some sort of horrible supernatural conspiracy. Since I’m using characters based on real-world people (so that other people can go look up details of celebrity-NPCs if they feel like it), this means that I’m describing real-world people getting involved in blood-drinking and mob violence and all kinds of nasty stuff. Apologies to anyone who’s offended by this- I know virtually nothing about any of these people, and I’m sure that in real life most of them are lovely individuals who are not nearly as amoral or mentally unstable as I’ve portrayed them here.

City of Second Chances