Howard Hughes

Reclusive billionaire



Hysteria (germs)- if he encounters something he believes harbours germs, he must make a Resolve + Composure check. On a failed check, he cannot be in the same room as the source of germs, or within sensory range of it. He cannot target an attack against the source of germs. If the source of germs touches him, he must succeed on another Resolve+Composure check or flee as far as he can, thinking of nothing else until he’s well away. If either roll suffers a Dramatic Failure, or he is prevented from escaping, he goes into Frenzy. If he’s unaware of the source of germs until it touches him, he suffers a -3 to the roll. If it touches him where he can’t see but can feel it (e.g. dripping down his back), it’s a -5 penalty.

Megalomania- whenever he succeeds at a goal (not just succeeds on a roll, but achieves a desired goal like knocking an opponent out or hacking into a well-protected computer), roll Resolve+Composure. On a failed roll, he suffers a -4 to any action involving teamwork for the rest of the scene. – all social rolls suffer a -2 penalty – if he fails any kind of contest (e.g. an opposed roll), he obsesses over this and works to arrange a rematch under conditions that would benefit him. – if he fails a contest to someone he considers socially inferior, he loses a point of Willpower due to self-loathing

Obsessive compulsion- he compulsively enforces his anti-germ regime to the exclusion of all else, even if this intereferes with his current agenda or endangers his life. He can suspend this for one scene with a successful Resolve + Composure roll at -2 penalty. If he is forcibly prevented from adhering to this regime, he may lash out indiscriminately.

Paranoia- automatic -2 to Social rolls -distrustful and wary of everyone, including allies -suspicious behaviour provokes a Resolve+Composure roll at -2 -failed R+C roll compels him to flee or attack the offender -NB: in life, Hughes was very suspicious of communists


As a mortal, Howard Hughes was famous for being both a billionaire and an eccentric recluse. Born in 1905 to wealthy parents, he was orphaned at the age of 18. He went on to become a successful movie producer, business mogul, philanthropist and record-breaking aviator. However, from the age of about 30 he began to suffer from a serious mental disorder (probably severe OCD), which was made worse by the addiction to painkillers which he developed following being injured in a plane crash in 1946. He worried obsessively about germs, but refused to cut his hair or nails more than once per year, and often also refused to bathe. He gradually morphed from a Hollywood socialite with Clark Gable looks to an emaciated recluse with matted hair and long curly toe and fingernails. The kine believe that he died in 1976 at the age of 71, by which time his body was almost unrecognisable- the FBI had to use fingerprints to identify him (their X-rays also revealed severe malnutrition and several bits of broken hypodermic needle embedded in his body). However, Hughes was not actually dead, but in vampiric torpor. He awoke several years later and returned to Las Vegas (where he had formerly lived from 1966 to 1970, during which time he owned a massive about of properties and only stopped buying casinos when the government threatened him with a monopoly lawsuit).

No one seems to know exactly when or where Hughes became a vampire, or who embraced him. Some believe that he may have been in contact with vampires from as early as 1930, citing the fact that his production of the original version of Scarface in 1932 already demonstrates a familiarity with Kindred politics). His reclusive behaviour makes it difficult to precisely pin down the point where he started avoiding sunlight, and it is possible that he lived as a ghoul for many years before being fully embraced. Whenever it happened, he was almost certainly a vampire by the time he first arrived in Vegas in 1966. This explains some of the erratic behaviour which bewildered his mortal staff (such as insisting on never leaving his suite at the Desert Inn Hotel, and conducting all business deals with the curtains tightly drawn and the windows duct-taped shut). Some vampires have a tendency to try to explain all of Hughes’ unusual behaviour in terms of the fact that he is a vampire. The general consensus of most, however, is that Hughes is both a vampire AND a nutjob.

As a case in point: Hughes’ increasingly horrific appearance had led many to believe that he is a Nosferatu with a particularly unpleasant deformity. Others argue that his madness came before his deformities, and suggest he may be a Ventrue. The Ventrue point out that the rumours of an increased tendency towards mental illness among Ventrue have never been conclusively proven, and that there are many non-Ventrue madmen among the Kindred. For the time being, Hughes’ Clan remains a mystery.

Hughes has no official ties to any Covenant. Both The Corporations and The Mob have claimed him as one of theirs, but he has never formally declared allegiance to either. His personal staff are all Mormons affiliated with The Holy Lance (as has been the case since before his first arrival in Vegas), despite the fact that he is not a member of the Church.

Howard Hughes

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