Latina cleaning lady/ Hound


Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Sloth

Int 2 Wits 2 Resolve 3

Strength 4 Dex 2 Stamina 3

Presence 1 Manipulation 2 Composure 3

Mental Skills (-3 unskilled) Investigation (tracking) Medicine (field care) Occult (saints) Politics (Latino)

Physical skills (-1 unskilled) Athletics 1 Brawl 4 Firearms 2 Larceny (breaking and entering) 2 Weaponry (improvised) 2

Social skills (-1 unskilled) Empathy (pain) 1 Intimidation (physical) 2 Streetwise (illegal immigrants) 2 Subterfuge (playing dumb) 2

Size 5 Defense 2 Initiative mod 5 Speed 11 Armour 1 (leather coat)

Max health 8

Max willpower 6

Max vitae

Current vitae 8


Danger Sense Language 2 (English) Iron Stamina Strong Back Allies 2 (Prince) Contacts (low-SES Latinas)

Fighting Style: Boxing

Body Blow if Brawl successes exceed opponent’s Size, victim loses next action.

Duck and Weave can use Dex or Wits to determine defense against Brawling attacks.

Combination Blows: can make two Brawling attacks against one target, but second attack has -1 penalty and using this means not being able to use Defense against attacks that occur earlier that round.

Haymaker if Brawl successes exceed opponent’s Size, victim rolls Stamina. If it succeeds, victim loses next action as per Body Blow. If it fails, victim falls unconscious for a number of turns equal to the damage done. You cannot use this attack if you’ve applied Defense against attacks that occurred earlier this round.

Brutal Blow if you spend one point Willpower per attack, you can use Brawling to do Lethal instead of Bashing damage.


Disciplines Vigour 2 Resilience 2


Brass Knuckles

Dmg 1 (B)

Cost 1


Range 20/40/80

Dmg 4

Str 3

Clip 5+1

Size 2


Cost 2

Special 9 again


Dmg 1 (L)

Size 1

Telescopic Baton

Dmg 3 (B)

Size 1 or 2

Dur 3

Cost 1

Trench Knife

Dmg 1 (L/B)

Size 1

Dur 3

Cost 1

Special doubles as brass knuckles


Rosalita is Hispanic and appears to be about 30 years old. She typically wears a t-shirt (usually with some sort of flower print) over jeans, plus a lot of very cheap-looking gold jewellery.

She is employed as the Prince’s Hound.


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