Oscar Baylin Goodman

The mortal Mayor of Vegas. Personal details have been changed to increase the 'World of Darkness' vibe.


Oscar Baylin Goodman is a Democrat and a practicing Jew. He is married to a woman called Carolyn, and they have four children together.

As an attorney, he made a name for himself by defending some of Vegas’ most notorious mobsters. He was first elected mayor in 1999, and he’s now serving his third consecutive term. This term expires in 2011, after which time he’s legally prevented from re-running. He has been called “the town’s most popular mayor”.

He has repeatedly tried to get a Major League Baseball or National League Football team to relocate to Vegas, but so far he’s been unsuccessful.

He’s been paid $100,000 to act as a spokesperson for Bombay Sapphire Gin. He gave half his fee to charity and the other half to the private school his wife runs.

He has been involved in a number of controversies. These include:

-his support for legalised prostitution in Clark County (where Vegas is. Currently prostitution is legal in other parts of Nevada).

-the fact that he took part in a ‘celebrity photographer’ promotion for the Playboy CyberClub. He took a topless photo of Miss January 2001.

-allegations that he is using his position as mayor to endorse his son Ross’s law firm.

-his endorsement of corporal punishment for children (he has advocated whippings or canings for juvenile delinquents, although he believes they should have the right to be tried in court first).

-his suggestion (on live TV) that people who spray graffiti on freeways should have their thumbs cut off. He also suggested that the footage could be filmed and broadcast to act as a deterrant.

-an incident where he was asked to speak to some fourth-graders at Jo Mackey Elementary School. When asked what he would want to take with him if he were ever marooned on a desert island, he replied “a showgirl and a bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin”. He also named Bombay Sapphire Gin when asked about his favourite hobbies. When questioned about this, he replied “I’m the George Washington of mayors. I can’t tell a lie. If they didn’t want the answer, the kid shouldn’t have asked the question.” The children’s parents were not pleased.

Oscar Baylin Goodman

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