Tag: The Mob


  • Sams Town

    Sam's Town Hotel and Gambling Hall is a casino on [[Boulder Highway]], which connects to [[Fremont Street]]. It hosts NASCAR races. It has an atrium with live trees, a waterfall and laser shows. It is controlled by [[The Mob]].

  • The Mob

    'The Mob' is the term usually used to refer to the segment of Vegas' Invictus faction who are most willing to engage obviously illegal activity. Members of The Mob sometimes refer to themselves as 'The Syndicate'- other Kindred may use that term to their …

  • chop shop

    This is a crooked mechanics' shop controlled by [[The Mob]]. It's used to dismantle stolen cars to sell the spare parts (which is less risky than selling a stolen car whole).

  • Bobby K. Carmichael

    A member of the Black Panthers in life, he's long been firmly committed to the idea that African-Americans can't expect to get anywhere in this society by playing by the rules- if Thug Culture is what makes money, then black men should embrace it. Who …

  • Oscar Baylin Goodman

    Oscar Baylin Goodman is a Democrat and a practicing Jew. He is married to a woman called Carolyn, and they have four children together. As an attorney, he made a name for himself by defending some of Vegas' most notorious mobsters. He was first …