The Mob

‘The Mob’ is the term usually used to refer to the segment of Vegas’ Invictus faction who are most willing to engage obviously illegal activity. Members of The Mob sometimes refer to themselves as ‘The Syndicate’- other Kindred may use that term to their faces out of politeness, but the name doesn’t have much chance of catching on.

The Vegas mob first began to organise itself in the 1920s. There’s a general consensus that without their efforts in strengthening the city economy (by largely illegal means) Vegas would be a ghost town by now. Their dominance over the city was almost total until Howard Hughes (then still mortal) moved to Vegas in 1966 and started spending vast amounts of money on buying hotels and casinos. This broke The Mob’s monopoly on local investment capital, and paved the way for the city’s takeover by The Corporations. After the disappearance of the Mob-backed Prince, The Mob were forced to back down. They relinquished control of the city court but retained a tight hold over their hunting grounds in Fremont Street. However, over the last decade The Corporations have been doing their best to take Fremont Street for themselves, and so cement their control over the city. The Mob are unlikely to take this without a fight.

The Mob have a reputation for being pretty open about their use of violence- when they ruled Vegas, people who angered them didn’t just receive public reprimands, or even mysteriously disappear- they tended to be found dead, killed in extremely ugly ways. Even today, the Kindred still whisper stories about some of the deaths that happened under the reign of The Mob (usually stories that include details like “they say that his eye was found ten feet from his body”, or “that ghoul couldn’t even be identified by her dental work- they had to go by the tattoo on her ankle”).

Still, there are those who don’t like the current Prince or The Corporations much- and some of these people will voice the opinion that the reign of The Mob wasn’t so bad. As long as you kept your head down, paid tribute, showed some respect, and didn’t try to screw over anyone important, you were free to hunt and run your own business however you wanted- or so they say, anyway.

The Mob

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